Giant granny square crochet blanket


This was another TV project for those evenings when I really wanted to ‘do something’ but needed my brain to be switched off. It did take me several months to complete – not the fastest way of crocheting.

It’s a basic granny square pattern from Skip to my Lou expanded to add another 50 or so rounds! It’s fairly straightforward, although I had to try a few variations for the final corner of each round to get a neat finish. The colour scheme was dictated by the n of wool that I had – purple interspersed with white, green and yellow. The wools happened to be baby weight yarns, so the stitches are smaller which increased the length of time and number of rounds required to make the finished blanket. It probably used around 800-1000g of wool in total. Chunkier wool would definitely be quicker and a more comforting finished product (but I was wanting to use up my wool collection!).

On the final row I did the usual round of purple, and then a full round of single crochets to give a more defined edge and finish it off with a strong purple, holding the colour scheme together.

2014-08-01 19.23.23

Doing one large granny square rather than joining many smaller ones is awkward as the blanket gets larger, and the final shape is, obviously, a square rather than the rectangular shaped blankets common with individual granny squares. It serves as a ‘lap blanket’, perfect to put over your knees, or alternatively you feet, in chilly libraries.

2014-08-01 19.23.00