Lampshade revamp

We inherited a ceiling light shade and two side lamps from some friends. Gold stands and pale blue shades with some water stains and generally looking faded and old (I forgot to take some ‘before’ pictures). I decided to give them a revamp for our newly decorated bedroom rather than look for new ones.

For the shades I used Tulip fabric paint as I was a little worried about the flammability of other paints. I used their ‘soft matte’ paint in ‘marine blue’ (from Hobbycraft) and used 2 bottles. Only one coat was needed, applied with a paintbrush and a bit of touching up a few gaps afterwards. The paint is not translucent and doesn’t let light through, so the gaps were quite obvious specks of light. The lamps themselves still emit plenty of light because of the shape of this shade.

For the stands I just used some brilliant white gloss paint that we already had. This took AGES to dry – far more than the 18 hours on the tin, and was tricky to get an even finish, but the white looks great with these shades and it was worth all the faff.

I also needed a new fuse and some smaller bulbs (normal energy-saving bulbs stick out the top of the shades!) and voilà!