It’s a fez. Fezes are cool.

2014-03-18 21.51.05

Challenge: to find a hat for a Dr Who costume that is 1) fez-like, 2) cheap and 3) will still look OK after travelling 50 miles to London shoved in a rucksack.

Solution: I tried to borrow a genuine fez from a friend (good for 1 and 2) but I decided it was a bit delicate and probably wouldn’t return in one piece to the lender. Buying one didn’t seem ideal either because of clauses 2) and 3). So I made one!

I used: 4 cardboard tubes (loo rolls), piece of shiny red material (found in a haberdashers remnants bin), scissors, stapler.

Firstly, cut the tubes lenthways and open them out. Staple the opened tubes together forming the shape of the fez. Make sure they tilt inwards and that they fit onto your head. Trim the fez to the appropriate height.

Staple the material to the fez (there may be better ways to do this but I was in a rush!). I started at the bottom, hiding these staples under the material on the outside. The tapered shape means you might need a few neat folds to keep a flat finish.

2014-03-18 21.51.34

Tie the material in a knot to give a neat finish to the top of the fez. Because it don’t have a fixed top, the fez will easily bend to squeeze into a rucksack, and the knot can be tightened if it gets a bit floppy on top.

2014-03-18 21.51.27

I think this took me all of 5 mins to make, a Dr Who fancy dress success!