The Cushion of Catan

In our house we are fans of european board games (think agricola, carcasonne, 10 days in asia, etc). When we discovered the traditional method of reusing scraps of material in hexagonal patchwork, this meant only one thing: settlers board patchwork!

Pinterest, ever-faithful, gave a few ideas, and I set to work sourcing material. Ebay was far better than local fabric shops for this, because the designs had to be appropriate for the different hex tiles, and work together next to each other. Ebay was cheaper and provided a lot of choice from hundreds of sellers.

2013-10-09 16.13.29

I used 1.5″ hexagon templates which I found free here and sewing them into hexes and joining the hexes together was super easy with this tutorial from patchworkposse! Constructing the patchwork piece below was all hand-sewn infront of the TV, and it only took about 4 evenings in total. I had 19 coloured hexes for the land tiles, and a further 26 for the sea. The cushion turned out a bit small, so next time I’d either increase the hex size (which will require more accuracy!) or simply add another border of blue hexes round the outside.

2014-02-21 22.33.55


I had some leftover lime green fabric from a previous project, although in hindsight black or blue would have worked better with the material! I made 3 squares of green, one for the back and two for the inner lining. My cushion construction is very amateur, and my first attempt at inserting a zip was not entirely successful, but I’m really pleased with my mini-cushion and am already planning some more as presents or for etsy. Easy and quick to make, with plenty of room for improvement in my construction skills.

2014-08-01 13.55.47