Streetgumfree bookcase

We are having a house re-shuffle at the moment, with furniture moving into slightly different positions and various bits of Stuff finding slightly new homes. Here is an exciting acquisition!

2013-08-30 17.40.00

Last night, a few minutes after agreeing with Andy that we really did need a new bookcase downstairs I leapt straight to gumtree (having done a few searches and enquiries earlier in the day with ebay and freecycle) and saw this bookcase listed on our very street. Brilliant! Gumtree meets Streetbank!

A few texts and a sleep later I went round to carry it back to mine, where I was offered a lift in the car and the £10 price was dropped to nothing. Brilliant! Gumtree meets Freecycle with bonus delivery!

I also bought this great (if slightly blurry) coat in a charity shop ready for winter.

2013-08-29 09.09.12

All in all I am rather chuffed with this morning’s work.