Theological Reflection: Cookies and Unity

Following three weeks of extreme cookie production, I was asked at our youth group meeting on Sunday what I was ‘an expert’ in. Cookies of course. The task then was for each of us to write a letter (a theological reflection in vicar-school language) using our expertise in this area to encourage someone in church unity, based on Ephesians 2:11-18 (unity between Jew and Gentile).

Here is mine! ‘Bread’ is another discipleship group at our church, and you will need to temporarily pretend that bread contains eggs for the analogy to work…

Dear Bread group,

I am writing to remind you about the unity we have in church. Sometimes we look like a divided church, with youth group meeting on a Sunday and Bread on a Tuesday. But really, through Jesus’ death and resurrection done once for all, we are now truly united despite appearances.

Like the yolk and the white were once separated, through the breaking of the shell and mixing into the cookie or bread dough they are united for a great edible purpose. The barrier between them has been broken, just like the barrier between you and us.

I pray that just as our cookies and bread rise and set, your hearts would be lifted to the Lord and be strengthened by him.

Keep baking for Jesus…

Not exactly up to St Paul’s standards, but an amusing attempt at bringing the everyday into the eternal nonetheless.