Knitting a cycle helmet ear warmer

For some time now I have been looking for a knitting project – primarily to keep me away from the computer screen whilst relaxing in the evenings! I found one this christmas in the form of an under-cycle-helmet-earwarmer (thanks Claire for the inspiration!). It was more interesting to knit than a scarf, less difficult than a hat, much quicker than a shawl and something I will wear regularly on my bike commute.

What warm ears

The only wool I had to hand was either bright pink (see previous crochet post…) or this beautiful variable blue/green wool that is quite nice once knitted but impossible to see what you are doing! Which is good because you can’t see the mistakes I made in my amateur increasing and decreasing.

The pattern is something like this:

Cast on 4 stitches
Stocking stitch until you have enough for a strap

Increase by 2 stitches (symmetrically) each row
This is stocking stitch, but with a garter ribbed trim the first and last 2 stitches of each row
The increased stitches on mine were k f+b on the final stitches at each end, but the stress across the earwarmer is borne better if you can increase at the centre

When wide enough, stocking stitch with garter edging at a constant width, measuring to your head (!) until it is symmetric to the end of the increasing stitches

Decrease 2 stitches per row until you are back to 4 stitches
Keeping the garter rib 2 stitches on each side
I used k2tog tbh first stitch, k2tog last stitch, but again this is better if you can work out how to do it at the centre of the row

Stocking stitch symmetrically with the other strap until long enough to tie under your chin

Whilst I got away with my dodgy beginner increases and decreases I am now making a little sampler to get really good at neatly changing stitch counts. And then I might get hold of some more neutrally coloured wool and knit another earwarmer…