Last year’s christmas cards

The last few weeks I have been trying to find some good christmassy craft using last year’s christmas cards. The better homes website had some great ideas as did martha stewart. Here are my three attempts:

Christmas Pictionary 


I guillotined cards with a nativity theme and wrote pictionary clues on the back for my housegroup. The guillotine ensures an even size and shape!

Mathematical baublesthree

These were my favourites! They came from Martha Stewart and required a bit of maths and time but I just love them! Gallery below of the various stages. I used superglue-type glue, gluing both sides and letting them dry tacky before pressing them together and adding one circle in at a time.

Gift tags


These are really easy. I used the inside of a sellotape ring to draw the bauble shape and did the parcel label shapes by eye as I couldn’t be bothered to use the guillotine! The only tricky bit was matching my card colours to the wrapping paper…

I have lots of cards left to use, but this has been a good creative christmassy crafty start. My creative christmassy pinterest board is full of ideas!