Playing jazz for the WI

Last week I was in the wrong place at the wrong time at lunchtime. By the time I’d finished my food I appeared to have committed myself to playing piano in a jazz gig at the Cam City Women’s Institute with my friend Helen. She is proper professional (website here) but it had been a long while since I did ‘jazz’, let alone a gig to strangers! The limit of my performing at the moment is playing golden oldies with some golden oldies at the elderly people’s club I help at, and a bit of accompanying for my gospel choir.

However, the WI were absolutely brilliant, so welcoming and such a young group of women, I amazed at the number of people there. The group is now full for members but details can be found here and there is even a picture of me on there… A great place for women to meet, chat, hear, create, and no ‘Jerusalem’ in sight!

We played a few jazz numbers and a few Christmas songs which were well appreciated, and the only minor disaster was all the key changes in Fever, completely understandable without any practise. I enjoyed myself far more than I expected, and the WI blogs have been keeping me up to date with crafty ideas since – bonus!