Creative Christmas Trees

This year is my 3rd Smithmas, and our past three Christmas trees have been suitably creative (read: frugal or cheapskate!).

In 2010 we really didn’t have any spare cash at all, but we did have a housewarming pot plant and many many empty sweet wrappers from edible wedding presents. I folded, glued and attached cotton to the sweet wrappers to make them into hanging stars, and my Mum bought us a set of fairy lights! Not very christmassy but suitably cheering!

pot plant tree

For 2011, our pot plant was looking a bit overwatered/underwatered/dead and so we graduated to genuine conifer, albeit chopped off one of the large trees in our garden. It is a bit wonky but looks more christmassy! No stars this year as we were donated some Christmas baubles and retro tinsel from a kind neighbour who had too many. The brush animals were actually favours from a summer wedding but they look brilliant on the christmas tree!

christmas tree 11CIMG0578

And for 2012 we got super-creative this afternoon. Inspired by pinterest via Amy and Do the Green Thing we made this creation with twigs from the garden, cotton and the aforementioned stars, lights, baubles, retro tinsel and animals.

Here are the mid-way through pictures.

a knot

A spend-free alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.