Masked ball

This week I have made some masks for end of term party at my college. The masks were a token bit of fun for the drinks reception but I still felt I needed to put some effort in! We were given a template when we bought the tickets so I had a go at DIY-masks.

These are my efforts…


I was hoping to have vaguely matching designs for Andy and I and really wanted a bit of sparkle but the supplies in my crafty boxes weren’t really sufficient!


This golden eye-lined one looks great on the table, but slightly bizarre when actually on (but it does use recycled sweet papers!) In the end the quality of the glue wasn’t good enough to work so it was left at home and didn’t come to the ball.


This was my second effort – simple snowflakes to go with a similar dress I was wearing. In hindsight I would have loved to have more snowflakes and sparklier ones!


And here is the final compromise for Andy – a plain mask with slightly better shape.

Overall not very successful, but a fun use of time on my last day of term!