Last minute bring and share pie

We have a monthly bring and share lunch at church, that I usually forget about and end up making a last-minute dish for. Previous contributions have included such luxurious foods as cauliflower cheese and raw carrot sticks!

Yesterday’s effort was slightly more upmarket – a veg pie made of ‘what we had in the fridge’, which for us is always meat-less and looks a bit rubbish at a bring and share. Luckily I found some pastry in the freezer and some inspiration from tesco here. I would have really liked to do something more like this though had I had the ingredients.



  • Two onions
  • Handful of mushrooms
  • Half Butternut squash
  • Two peppers
  • Fresh sage (from our garden!), mixed herbs, pepper,
  • Puff pastry

In hindsight it also could have done with

  • Chilli, paprika or cayenne pepper to add a bit of a kick
  • More squash and pepper to fill up my pie dish, leeks would work well too
  • Egg to glaze

The squash needs cubing and then roasting in olive oil and seasoning to soften and bring out the flavour. Meanwhile fry onions, add mushrooms and peppers and season. Combine all cooked veg, top with pastry and cook for a further 20mins in the oven. Easy peasy!