Earlier this year I was admiring a vegetable garden, and to my delight was then given not merely a detailed tour and plenty of ideas but also some free raspberry plants. They are autumn fruiting so each cane produces fruit each year and gets pruned annually which sounded a lot easier than leaving canes to overwinter for summer fruit next year.

I have put them in the sunniest place in my garden which is unfortunately the driveway so they are in the biggest container I could lay my hands on and seem to be doing OK. The up-cycled but un-glamourous recycling box also keeps me in control of the many many new runners shooting up so I think that is a good thing.

My tying-up is a little amateur but no canes have snapped in the wind yet so seems to be working. I don’t think the birds have noticed them yet, but I have saved some netting from fruit and vegetable packing to protect the fruit just in case! My strawberries disappeared very quickly but maybe being above the ground will help the raspberries’ survival rates.

My first raspberry turned pink this at the weekend and has been put in the freezer. I think I’ll freeze the fruit as it ripens and then have a raspberry extravaganza in a month or so.