Poppy seeds

Today I have been collecting poppy seeds from my garden, following instructions from Ruth in college who I sometimes have gardening conversations with!

Purple double poppies – Image from http://www.sarahraven.com/

Red single poppies – Image from http://greatgrandmashotchpotch.blogspot.co.uk/

Poppy seed cases are brilliant – you just need to pull them off the plant, turn them upside down and hundreds of tiny poppy seeds drop out. My garden has got completely overgrown while I waited for the poppy seed cases to dry out and the holes to open up, but the brown seed cases were easily visible through the tangle of summer weeds!

Some cases needed cutting open, although I surprised a big earwig in one of the big double poppy heads so go carefully… They need to be stored dark and dry, in paper rather than plastic so I popped them in envelopes (some for me and some for giving away), keeping my red singles and purple doubles in separate packets. Roll on spring planting season 🙂