For my summer placement I was charged with the task of producing ‘Storyboxes’ as a resource for the children attending church. In a rural setting there is no guarantee of sufficient leaders or sufficient children to run a children’s ministry team, and so a more creative approach to making disciples is required.

Storyboxes are the toy corner, Sunday school and messy church combined together in one box that a child can explore in their pew during a service. My task was to combine play, theology and excellence to provide positive experience of church AND an experience of God.

I loved having ‘free’ time to read bible stories, to put children’s eyes on and experience the bible afresh, to play with toys, to wander around charity shops and markets and toy shops and haberdashers and hardware stores looking for resources and developing my ideas.

This was invaluable thinking time and fun time for me, and I managed to produce boxes for the lost sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son, Moses in the bulrushes, Noah’s ark and Daniel in the lions den stories. I also have some more ideas left over for Jonah and the sower so maybe one day these will come to fruition too.

Below are a few photo highlights.