Apple and Blackberry Groupon

I have found Groupon to be a great website (although I am still pondering the ethics of internet bargains, see reports here and here and here). The key for me is to only buy things I actually want, in my case such exciting treats as haircuts and photo printing. I am currently enjoying a 10-session fitness class pass to my local aerobics-provider and on the lookout for a bargain hotel to spend a couple of days in on our Lake District holiday next month.

Last Saturday we had a lovely cycle along the river to Sunclose Farm to spend our latest Groupon voucher and bought strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. I would definitely recommend this farm shop, the raspberries were like none I’ve ever tasted and we will be back for sure. We ate most of the fruit within the day, but I did manage to save the blackberries from being eaten so as to try my first ever (except for helping Mum as a child) crumble.

My filling recipe was from the BBC here and for some reason I used a completely different recipe for the crumble mix from the BBC again here. I made the filling while the blackberries were really fresh and then froze it until it was needed. Overall, crumble no.1 was a very blackberry, very buttery success!

For an alternative apple and blackberry crumble ‘news’ story click on the phone image below…