Bargain sheet music

My creative bargain buy of the week is from Oxfam and cost me a total of £2.46, with Brahms and others a mere 49p! I was amazed at how many of the piano music books I liked the look of, and will be going back in a few months once the stock has replenished. It has been years since I had anything new to play and I have been relishing every chord and accidental of these, not to mention filling up the space on my new music bookcase. There is also something quite brilliant about playing from sheet music that has been well-played and (I assume) well-loved for years and years past. The Brahms Waltzes are inscribed “Arthur C Hillows 1947”.

I also found a lovely metal garden table and chair for £10 in BHF Furniture Shop which I couldn’t resist. Needs a bit of a clean, and it came with a lot of bonus spiders but it looks great on our funny little patio.